Travel Nurse Pay & Benefits

How much do travel nurses make?


Several factors come into play when discussing the compensation for travel nurses, including:

When aiming to optimize your earnings, it’s crucial to recognize that pay packages vary based on your specialty and location. For example, a travel L&D nurse in California will receive a different compensation package compared to a travel med-surg nurse in Kentucky.

Many travel nurses move between states and, at times, even switch specialties, leading to variations in pay from one assignment to another. You may also qualify for housing, meals, and incidental stipends to reimburse you for actual expenses incurred during your assignment. Your recruiter will discuss all these particulars with you during your search.

Your recruiter is dedicated to finding positions that align with your financial objectives. It’s worth noting that being flexible in terms of location, shift, and other factors often opens up opportunities for potentially higher pay. You can log in and view pay packages and facility information for all available jobs.

Travel Nursing Benefits with Us


You can start enrolling in and contributing to your 401k plan on the first of the month following your eligibility. Eligibility is achieved by working four consecutive months or one year from your initial hire date, with a minimum of 1,000 hours worked.


You'll have access to a comprehensive medical, dental, and vision plan starting from the very first day of your assignment with Travel Nursing Agency Healthcare. Additionally, you have the option to include your spouse and/or dependents in your plan!


You'll begin accruing sick time from the first day of your assignment, earning 1 hour for every 30 hours worked. You can start using this accrued sick time after 90 days.


We offer a range of wellness and fitness programs, such as free virtual meditation and yoga. Additionally, we provide employee assistance programs, including clinical escalation if your work environment needs improvement, along with many other benefits.


Our Scholars is the only clinical ladder program in the industry designed specifically for travel nurses. In recognition of your commitment to professional growth, eligible Our Scholars may receive reimbursements for tuition fees and specialty certification exam costs.

Where can I make the most money as a travel nurse?

As we mentioned earlier, several factors influence your compensation, including your specialty and location. However, similar to any job, it’s essential to take more than just pay into account. When assessing an assignment, you should also factor in the cost of living in that area. You can trust your recruiter and the entire Travel Nursing Agency Healthcare team to provide valuable guidance to assist you in making the best career decision.

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