Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked Question

Are you ready to make a difference in your local community? Whether you’re seeking increased flexibility year-round or want to experience a facility before committing to a permanent position, opting for a local contract with Travel Nursing Agency is an excellent decision. Please review the information below to find out more.

What are the experience requirements?

All of our local contract positions require a minimum of one year of experience, and certain facilities may require two or more years of experience.

What are the location requirements?

Every one of our local contract positions mandates a minimum of one year of experience. However, some facilities may have a requirement of 2 or more years of experience.

How long is the process to get started?

The typical process for full compliance usually takes approximately 2-3 weeks. However, we do have specific contracts available where we can potentially have you starting within 1-2 weeks from the moment you complete your application.

How do I get paid?

You will receive weekly payments through direct deposit. In the case of local contracts, your compensation is based entirely on an hourly rate. Local contracts do not qualify for extra stipends related to travel or housing. However, we may offer reimbursements for expenses such as licenses, certifications, scrubs, or other essential items required for your assignment. Please consult your recruiter for further details.

Are benefits offered?

Certainly, if you're on a full-time assignment, we provide medical, dental, vision, and life insurance options.
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