Corporate Careers

We believe in taking care of you.

Our commitment is to ensure that you have the necessary resources to thrive in both your professional and personal life.

Generous 401k Match

You can enroll in Aya's 401k plan after 120 days of uninterrupted employment. Following one year of employment, Aya matches 4% of your 5% contribution.

Unlimited Time Off

Travel Nursing Agency provides unlimited vacation, which is referred to as discretionary time off (DTO).

Premium Insurance

Aya offers complimentary medical, dental, and vision insurance to employees starting from their first day of employment. Additionally, there is a short-term disability plan available after 90 days of employment. We also provide a comprehensive Employee Assistance Program, as well as life insurance and AD&D coverage

And Much More

As an Travel Nursing Agency team member, you can look forward to a range of perks, including birthday and work anniversary acknowledgment, access to our wellness program featuring weekly virtual yoga, boot camp, barre, and meditation classes, and various celebrations throughout the year.

We believe in giving back.

Our corporate culture is deeply committed to making a positive impact, and we have a history of directing our financial resources, in-kind product contributions, and employee volunteer efforts toward critical areas to advance societal progress.

Our philanthropic focus centers around five key pillars: improving access to healthcare and education for underserved populations, addressing food security, ensuring safe shelter, and promoting equity. We empower our employees to become catalysts for change by offering year-round opportunities to donate, volunteer, and advocate for causes that resonate with them. Additionally, we are proud to provide an annual company match for both monetary donations and volunteer time.

We believe in having fun.

At Travel Nursing Agency, we’re dedicated and we know how to have fun! To foster strong camaraderie, we organize regular off-hours events. These range from enjoyable happy hours to engaging team-building scavenger hunts, all designed to strengthen our connections and enable us to perform at our best. We take every opportunity to celebrate our team members and the invaluable work they contribute each day.

We also believe...

Exceptional is the rule

At Travel Nursing Agency, everyone embraces personal responsibility for ensuring that each interaction, journey, solution, and experience becomes genuinely exceptional.

No two solutions are the same

Cookie-cutters are reserved for cookies. We recognize that every individual and situation is unique, and we invest the time to get to know and comprehend them, enabling us to address their requirements on their own terms.

We're made of action

We're a company comprised of builders, creators, and achievers. We don't subscribe to red tape and bureaucracy. Instead, we thrive on taking initiative and finding solutions for our clients, clinicians, and our own team.

There's always a better way

We're firm believers in harnessing data and technology to consistently enhance, innovate, create, fine-tune, and revamp our processes. We embrace change and are unafraid to take a different approach if it leads to delivering a truly exceptional experience.

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