Nursing Scholarships

At Travel Nursing Agency, our commitment lies in cultivating the most skilled and well-prepared nursing professionals in the industry. That’s why we provide a range of opportunities for nurse education and continuous training throughout your entire career journey. Whether you are at the beginning of your nursing career or an experienced nurse looking to advance, Our nursing scholarships are designed to support you in achieving your aspirations.

Still in school or just getting
started in your nursing career?

Travel Nursing Agency is an excellent company to partner with for your travel nursing journey. They offer a wide range of job opportunities, and their dedicated team takes care of all the essential details to kickstart your travel experience. Their support is consistently available throughout your assignment. In my experience, my recruiter, Monica, has been a dependable and supportive presence over the years, always coming through for me when needed.

Ready to take your nursing
career to the next level?

The Travel Nursing Agency Scholars Program stands as the sole clinical ladder program tailored for travel nurses within the industry. Our multi-tier program offers clear avenues for travel nurses to pursue ongoing professional growth throughout their travel careers. If you aspire to advance professionally while exploring new places through travel, the Travel Nursing Agency Scholars Program is the ideal choice for you.

Looking for continuing
education units (CEUs)?

We’ve simplified the process of keeping your Continuing Education Units (CEUs) up to date. As a ravel nurse, allied, or per diem clinician, you gain access to an unlimited supply of free continuing education units. Our user-friendly online platform allows you to select the courses that align with your needs and preferences. Because everything is available online, you can conveniently access and complete courses at your own pace and from any location that suits you.

With Travel Nursing Agency, you’re in control of your time and ongoing education. You can count on Travel Nursing Agency to help you flourish throughout your entire nursing career.

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